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In 2008, IBM released a NEW server platform called Power Systems. It runs virtualized operating systems called AiX and Linux, and a virtualized operating environment called IBM i. Since then, there have been three major OS upgrades to IBM i and 17 major technology refreshes – one every six months. It is a modern platform, designed for business, allows for industry leading security, is scalable, reliable, and runs without disruption for major companies around the world. It includes the world’s leading and most comprehensive SQL DB2 database, and is the best platform for integration of business and IT. IBM i supports modern OSS languages, and is running businesses and web sites all over the planet. All of your AS/400 applications can run on IBM i, with the fastest migration approach than ever before. IBM i on Power Systems has proven to be the cheapest TCA and TCO for running all your business applications. Unlike any other platform, IBM has committed to its future beyond 2027. It is, simply, the platform for business, for today and tomorrow.


Here is a list of resources that support and promote IBM i in a modern world.

Note: Key documents for a business case for IBM i are in red.


Industry Surveys and Studies

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LinkedIn Groups



If you know of any links that would help promote IBM i, send them to me.


BuckNovember 22nd, 2016 at 2:14 pm

It’s my opinion that no single person has done more to promote IBM i than David Gibbs, and his mailing lists at Midrange dot com have supported more programmers than all the rest of the other resources combined.

I’m not putting any other sites down: I’m pointing out the incredible, positive, constant, abiding influence that is David.

AngusNovember 22nd, 2016 at 2:18 pm

This article is about a resource for finding information to promote IBM i to business, executives, and company leaders. Are there any relevant URLs from that can be added here?

David’s work provides forums for the community that are full of technical and non-technical information. His support for the community is unquestionable. Unfortunately, forums are not about promoting IBM i, rather exchanging tips, techniques, and sometimes noise between community members, many of whom still live in a world prior to IBM i on Power Systems. If you can show links to actual promotion, they’ll be added here.

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