Angus: Are you doing your part?

Another day, another story about a company deciding to replace IBM i with a high cost, low reward migration. Another day, another story about how AS/400 is old and you should migrate. Another day, another complaint that “there is nothing I can do about it”.

But there is. Yesterday I posted this note to the IBM i Professionals forum on LinkedIn. The short version of the mentioned blog entry is that AS/400 does not do SQL, and AS/400 is dead so move to Windows. Both of these statements are quite false, but it is the kind of misinformation and untruths that are common in our industry.

It is quite a simple reason. There are not too many people who will make the effort to connect with people like this and counter their misinformation. So, my post on LinkedIn was to solicit support, and I posted a comment to the original blog entry. While my comment has not been “approved”, there are (at this minute) two more pro-IBM i comments on that blog entry.

So here is where you come in. If you see some nonsense post about our platform – promoting old brands, promoting a dead platform, spreading misinformation and untruths about IBM i, and so on, make some noise. I encourage you to post to your favorite online community group (IBM i Professionals on LinkedIn :-)), email your IBM i friends, tweet the world, and generally solicit some action against the noise.

Or, if you see something posted like this, respond with a note to show your support. Don’t make it personal, make it factual, make it informative, counter the misinformation, and generally be positive and educational about IBM i.

It will take a small commitment of your time. Yet, the louder the noise FOR IBM i, the better our IBM i future can be.

Are you willing to step up to IBM i and show your support?

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