Angus: Rebranding?

One of the common complaints about our platform is renaming. It seems to be the last defense of a community fighting to retain some identity to which they used to belong. Or, it could be just fear of change and desire to keep complaining.

Let’s review.

1980 – System/38 runs CPF
1988 – AS/400 replaces S/38 and S/36, runs OS/400 – which runs CPF programs
2000 – iSeries is a renaming of the hardware, runs OS/400
2006 – System i is a renaming of the hardware, OS renamed to i5/OS
2008 – Power Systems replaces System i and System p, OS renamed to IBM i

1988 – AS/400 brand
2000 – eServer brand
2006 – IBM Systems brand
2008 – IBM Power Systems brand

How horrible that seems to many in the community. Yet, in 32 years, with technology busy changing shape, form, substance on an almost daily basis, we cannot get over this “atrocity” forced upon us by IBM. And, every time the complaint is made, there are the usual “justifications” offered about how other companies don’t rebrand – (refer to MS and Windows), how other companies don’t do this, don’t do that, and so on. And so on. And so on.

Certainly, branding changes can be successes or failures. Everyone cites New Coke as a branding failure. No one who is arguing about the rebranding of IBM i will ever look beyond their own complaint to see branding changes that were success. So, here is one: Starbucks!

Ok, so the name was not changed, but the logo has!
For reference, this picture was found here.
And here are some concerns about the Starbucks rebranding offered by pundits.
Will it sell more coffee?
New logo!

I love this particular whining: “Was the Starbucks corporate office asleep through all of the Gap controversy when they tried changing their logo? Leave it alone! There’s nothing wrong with it,” a fan wrote on Starbucks’ Facebook page.. The whining sounds familiar, but really, do you EVER hear about the change to the Starbucks logo any more?

IBM i on Power Systems is such a wonderful platform, yet its name is still a debate in the community. How strange.

I expect the same AS/400 programmers have this mug on their desk:

Maybe it’s time they got one of these:

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