Angus: Trending survey results!

After 100 survey takers, there are some trending results – mostly in that there is a lot of different perspectives of what this platform is, and what it can do. Without doubt, every response is fabulous information, and will help build the first site.

And yes, that includes the responses that are pointed at me personally. 🙂

The first thought that comes to mind is simply this. Wouldn’t it be great if we, the IBM i proponents, were to spread a unified message about the platform. Including the name, the modern tooling, the integration capabilities, the business case? This is how will be built – not focused on the past, but focused on a unified message, and how we can deliver that.

Thank you to everyone who has participated. Send the link to everyone you know and ask them to spend a few minutes with their answers. The IBM i industry press will be mentioning the survey in the next week or so, and that will spread the word further!

20i2 – a year of unity in the IBM i community!

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