Angus: Why are you insulting the IBM team? Yes, you!

The usual shenanigans about the name of our platform continue in our insular community. Today, on a popular IBM i related mailing list, a post was praising IBM i 7.1 – something that seemed to start well. However, the last line was “Thanks to the iSeries team at IBM”.

Normally, it is my opinion that some education to the group could be made in the form of a reply – to inform the poster that there is no “iSeries team” at IBM, and, in fact, there has not been one since 2006. However, this particular group tends to ignore the content of my posts and consider every word I write there as an attack. Given the lack of comprehension skills by the members, I resort to my own blog to ponder this predicament.

It is obvious that the team at IBM who are responsible for IBM i have been working hard, not only to improve, modernize, enhance and grow the operating system to be world class, and to run on the best business hardware platform on the planet. I suggest that calling them the “iSeries team” is a HUGE insult. Their work, apparently, has gone unnoticed, and people – yes, YOU – are telling them that they still live in the past. Every time someone refers to IBM i on Power by any of the old brands, names, or nicknames, it is telling IBM – and the IBM i team in particular, that all their effort is worth nothing.

Why would you insult the IBM i team this way? Their efforts have produced the best operating system available, leveraged the past versions of the operating system and hardware, and built something quite extraordinary. And, to pay it the right amount of attention, branding and marketing, an appropriate name for a long term future was chosen. The old hardware, including iSeries, has been replaced with Power Systems, and IBM i brings business to Power with flexibility, integration, scalability, reliability, and low cost of ownership.

And still, you call it names? Old names?

This is like telling the IBM i OS, who has graduated college, that they are still in kindergarten.

Fortunately, IBMers, including the IBM i team, never offer their perspective to the community about their feelings towards your lack of respect . It is past time that we all started to respect their efforts, thank them profusely, and tell everyone about the ~current~ platform, and what it can do.

IBM i on Power!


Aaron BartellNovember 3rd, 2011 at 10:41 am

Why don’t you provide a link to the forum where this occurred. That way everybody can become fully informed and those that should be ashamed can become ashamed.

angustheitchapNovember 3rd, 2011 at 11:02 am

Aaron, the members of this particular forum have little or no shame. Which is why you don’t, imho, subscribe to it any more. It is why many IBMers don’t respond to it. It is why there are a lot of stalkers and not a lot of contributors. It attracts those with an ax to grind. When I would call them out on their whining, some of them would send me off-list emails, some of which were anonymous and called me names. When I am direct, they see it as a personal attack. When I am not direct, they see it as a personal attack. When someone attacks me (or you), no one calls them out on it. Positive topics get little support, while negative topics flare up with rhetoric and BS. It is an insular forum full off some great technical content, and a few grandstanders who hate to be told the truth.

Ok, so that is my opinion.

But, most people know the forum, and shaming them publicly doesn’t work any more than calling them out on their BS on the forum itself.

Aaron BartellNovember 29th, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Thanks for expounding. I totally understand.

Makes me want to look at starting a forum that has a group of leaders that hold the forum accountable (including ourselves) so that we don’t have these scenarios.

angustheitchapNovember 29th, 2011 at 3:44 pm

Aaron, why don’t you try this new one:

I expect it will be moderated by IBMers…

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