Angus: The name game – part 72

i for Business
Reading the press/internet, there are many references to our platform. This blog entry is to identify what the name ~is~, and what it is ~not~.

What it is:

  • IBM i
  • IBM i on Power Systems
  • IBM i on Power

(We do this for search engines! Oh, and for consistency 🙂

Spoken – in addition to the written choices
  • i
  • i on Power

What it might be, if you say it loud enough:

  • Power i

What it once was, but is no longer:

  • AS/400
  • OS/400
  • iSeries
  • eServer iSeries
  • System i
  • System i5
  • i5/OS

What it is NOT:

  • ‘i’
  • IBM ‘i’
  • the IBM ‘i’
  • i/OS
  • iOS
  • Power on i

Just for the record, did you know?

The current operating system version is:

  • IBM i 7.1

The previous operating system version is:

  • IBM i 6.1

The version before that is now named:

  • IBM i 5.4

and is no longer named:

  • i5/OS V5R4
  • IBM i V5R4

This is outlined in the IBM i document found here.

And one more interesting tidbit!

Did you know that IBM i is NOT a registered trademark for IBM? i5/OS, AS/400, OS/400, iSeries, System i are all registered by IBM, but on their Copyright and Trademark Information page, they do not have IBM i listed! Of course, they qualified their page with “This list is not a comprehensive list of all IBM trademarks”..

If you have other names to add to any of these sections, send a note to:


davidDecember 22nd, 2010 at 5:33 pm

I did a search on “IBM i” at the USPTO and was unable to find an entry. It could very well be that IBM didn’t trademark it … it also could be that the search engine couldn’t cope with the short letters. The mark “IBMI”, however, was registered in the past. But it was abandoned in 2001 (

On a similar note … I did register the “IBM-I.(COM|ORG|NET)” domains the same day they announced the new name at COMMON. Haven’t gotten any push back from IBM yet.

Aaron BartellMarch 15th, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Just had an idea for another synonym:

iP (lower case i and upper case P)

Not as good as some of your other ideas, but I thought i would throw it out there.

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