Angus: What is wrong with us – part 1…

denialI have been travelling all over the planet recently, busy with work, consulting, strategy (major fun) and attempting to write the core of several books all at once. In the meantime, blogging has been happening… but without complete blog entries, I have not posted. Watch this space for some new and cool things!

You should also read the discussion on the LinkedIn IBM i Professionals group titled “What’s Wrong With Us?“. I started it because I am really finding that the iCommunity is so disjointed and so out of touch, that we are digging our own grave. You will enjoy some of the banter – feel free to add your own!

Just now (not the South African version of that saying), I read this on Midrange-L: “On 9/1/09 10:00 AM, someone wrote: Can my current HMC, which controls our i, be used to control the new pSeries that we’re about to install?“. It took ALL my strength to avoid posting this response: “Wow! You are getting a ~new~ pSeries? IBM hasn’t sold one since 2006, so where did you get it from? Maybe we can write an article on how you obtained it, and who the supplier was. This time travel stuff is fantastic!

Several naysayers have popped up recently predicting the imminent demise of the i platform. There is no doubt there is a decline in the numbers of i customers. Without a concerted effort from the community, this decline will be sooner than we like. It is time to get off our collective behinds and do something to slap ourselves around a little. “Make some noise” has been a theme of my stirring for some time, and it is about to get noisier!

Watch this space….


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AS400pgmrSeptember 3rd, 2009 at 11:33 am

It is still just an AS/400. Best thing out there….then, now, and in the future.

DBPSeptember 9th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

It takes all my strength not to fall over laughing at the revised question, “Can my current HMC, which controls our i, be used to control the new p that we’re about to install?”

How about that! An HMC that can control your p! Any wonder many of us are trying to figure out just what Big Blue is attempting to do with these lower case letters to name a system? I love the thing no matter what you call it, but it does make for a difficult conversation with someone else in your organization to say that ‘your p is down for the moment’, or some such. I guess that is less difficult when they don’t go down so much, but then we could say, “Our p doesn’t go down very often.”

Whatever we call them has nothing to do with how much we care that we have the systems nor with how reliable we know them to be.

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